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Pullover Hoodies Styles

A pullover hoodie is a type of
sweatshirt that usually has a hood attached to it to adjust the tightness. It
does not have a collar and It looks very contemporary and is worn by all
irrespective of age and gender and it is not just used during cold weathers.
It commonly has long sleeves and covers the entire upper body and helps to
provide anonymity. It can be worn all by itself or with a shirt underneath
it. As the name suggests, it is a pull over and therefore does not consist of
any hooks or buttons. It is made of wool and other synthetic materials. 
It is well teamed with sweatpants. Pullover hoodies have symbols and signs
from popular culture or organizations logos fixed onto them. It is very
comfortable to wear because of its high mobility and moisture absorption
level. Though it started off as an athletic wear, today it is highly popular
as casual wear. Pullover hoodies as opposed to zipped ones, are more easier
to wear as they don’t have the issue of bunching up of fabric.

Some ways to wear pullover hoodies:

  1. The best way to wear hoodies is to layer them under jackets. They
    can be combined with blazers, shirts and overcoats. You can get creative and
    experiment as you like.
  2. Skinny jeans can be worn with huge biker boots and a large belt
    with dark pullover hoodies.
  3. Leather trousers can be worn with cropped printed pullover

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