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Prom Shoes And Ways To Wear Them

Prom Shoes And Ways To Wear Them

Undoubtedly a prom night is an
even to remember for a life time. It is the passageway for adolescents to
adulthood and is eagerly looked forward to by all. It is a mix of extreme
expectations and excitement and surely all want it make it a dream event. So
preparing for this important day involves careful and meticulous planning and
needless to say a lot of shopping is involved. Though having your make up
done and selecting the right dress takes the highlight, it is equally
important to buy the right pair of prom shoe too. Choosing them is quite
daunting especially as there are a lot of options available

How to select your prom shoes:

  1. Before you select your prom shoes, keep an eye on the kind of
    dress that you are planning to wear. If your dress is very flashy and bright
    with a lot of gaudy designs, it is good to go for less glamorous shoes. In
    contrast, a plain dress will require you to opt for a shoe with more bling.
  2. Check the length of your dress, long dresses are going to cover
    your feet, so you can wear flats in such cases. When you are wearing a mini
    dress, pair it up with well heeled prom shoes with pretty straps on
  3. The color of the prom shoes should complement the color of the
    dress. Metallic colored shoes like gold, silver will match well with subtle
    colored dresses. Do not wear the dress and shoe in the same

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