Mens Denim Vest For Smart Styles

Mens Denim Vest For Smart Styles

Wearing men’s denim vest is a lot of fun exactly like your jeans. In your wardrobe your jeans is a universal item to pair with many different tops and shirts, same is the case with your denim.  May it be a red pants, khaki chinos or black pants you can always find your denim fitting perfectly with all these styles!  It is the versatility of the vest that keeps it a vital item of your wardrobe.

A flannel shirt in plaid design or stripes looks cool with the vest but you can go stylish equally with a shirt as well. Slim fitting chinos in any color would pair with your vest perfectly well. Chose colors rich and warm in your shirt and enjoy lower temperature weather. But in warmer days of the year, pick some cool and light colors for your blue or black men’s denim vest.

You may have heard some people saying that do not go with a denim vest and denim pants. This is not true you can pair these two. If your pants are slim and trim it is going to suit you perfectly well along with your smart vest; but never go with same color vest and pants in denim. Keeping the color of your denim top and pants is the key to good style.  Same color matches can look terrible. Throw with your denim vest and denim pants a white or pink or any other light color shirt or a T shirt and go classy!

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