Jacket Jeans Fashion Guide

Jacket Jeans Fashion Guide

A jeans jacket is a type of a jacket. It is usually made from denim, a material that is widely used to make jeans. It is widely considered to be stylish, fashionable and trendy and it is mostly worn during the winters. Their populated was elevated when pop stars started wearing them during concerts and gigs in the 80’s. A jeans jacket can be worn by both men and women. One of the advantages of wearing it is that it can make you look younger and more youthful (if you are middle aged). Considering the wide variety of clothing it can be combined with and its reasonable prices, it is surely a must have item in your wardrobe.

Fashion guide and tips

Wearing a jeans jacket over a t-shirt is considered to be the classical casual look. Women have the additional option of wearing them over skirts and dresses. Moreover, it can be worn on many situations and occasions like parties, dates, at the local pub or bar, a casual walk around the neighborhood. For men, the jacket should not have a very tight fitting. If you are planning to wear the jacket along with jeans, make sure that they have different colors and shades to avoid a monotonous look. Contrary to popular belief, jackets do not only come in blue shade but also in many other colors like brown, green and red. When it comes to shoes, joggers and sneakers would go along fine with the whole outfit.

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