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 Introduction To Sandals Shoes

 Introduction To Sandals Shoes

Sandals are traditionally known to be open footwear that may or may not have soles. Wearing them is simple since you only need to hold them on your feet with straps. On the other hand, sandals shoes are also open shoes but with their toes closed instead of open as with sandals.

Why choose sandal type of shoes?

There are several reasons why you may choose to have sandal type of shoes as part of your footwear. They are particularly suitable and friendly to the feet during warm weather since they keep your feet dry and cool while protecting your toes. You may also choose to buy sandal type of shoe for medical reason as part of your treatment regime. You may also choose to wear sandal shoes as fashion.


Sandals shoes can be constructed with or without soles. Soles are usually of rubber or wood. The shoes are generally designed with narrow thongs that that hold to your feet. Others feature straps or laces instead of thongs.


Worn by both men and women, sandals shoes are the most appropriate shoes to wear in warm weather, there are considerations you need to take into account when shopping for a pair. Such considerations include level of comfort, height of heels and style.

Just like with traditional sandals, there are different variations of sandal type of shoes. Some of the variants include Caligae sandal shoes that feature heavy soles, Grecian sandal shoes that are generally flat toe-closed shoes and Jelly sandal shoes among other variants.

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