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How To
  Select Mens Clothes

How To Select Mens Clothes

Few people always dress
immaculately. It is because they take the time to appreciate the fashion and
follow them in selecting mens clothes. It looks complicated but when you
understand few basic rules it becomes a lot easier to select best clothes
that match you. Color coordination is one of the most important factors in
choosing the perfect dress.

Tips for choosing the right clothes

– Choosing pants – choose neutrally colored pants. Men don’t look
with colored pants. Keeping them neutral with basic color black or shade of
grey, khaki or brown will be simple to match. Jeans is best as a casual
dress. Once you have chosen neutral colored pant, the other part of dressing
is easier to select with respect to colors. If the pants are in black or in
grey, shirts should not be chosen with brown shades as they will not go
together. Grey pants or tan, khaki or jeans suits with any color

– Shirt Choice – shirt color should not be of the same color that
of the pants. It looks like a uniform. A minimal pattern shirt can be chosen
but ensure the colors to be neutral.

– Other attire – shoes should not be in brown color except for
casual wear. Always choose black shoes for work and socks should match the
color of the pants.


It is best to have light colors paired with dark or black pants.
Bright colors should be worn simultaneously. You can choose different shades
of the same color but keeping both light color or dark color is not a good
idea. If you just ensure these tips are followed, you can make the excellent
choice of mens clothes.

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