How To
Select Hats For Men

How To Select Hats For Men

Humans are symmetrical beings, the more symmetrical they are the more appealing they look. However, there’s not so much one can do to change the symmetry of their faces but there are ways to mitigate them. Hats for men are just some of the simple ways men use to balance their faces unlike women who could do a particular haircut that flatters their face shapes. Hats generally make men look dapper and choosing one that matches your face well will increase your attractiveness. Here’s a simple review on finding a hat that matches different faces.

A short full face

If you have a face with shape like that of Jack Black, you definitely tend to appear shorter. In such a case, a hat that gives an illusion of a little more height will do. The most appropriate hat here is one with a crown of medium size and height. Recommended hats are gambler, Fedora or Panama.

Long and thin face

This face shape tends to make a person look taller so the most appropriate hat would be one that creates an illusion of shortness. Pick a hat with a shorter crown height, but avoid ones which are squared or too high.

Heavy face

For a heavy face which appears to narrow towards the chin and wider at the top half, a hat that balances both the top and bottom is most appropriate. The crown of the hat should be medium to short in height and pinched to the front. Crowns that are too high or full should be avoided.

Generally, hats for men appear more attractive when selected for the right face shape.

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