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How To
Choose The Best Rain Coat

How To Choose The Best Rain Coat

The rain coats are a great
addition to your closet. They come in handy especially in the rainy season.
There are different designs, colors and designs that you can choose

The different types

One thing that you need to know is that the rain coat is that they
can be worn on different seasons not just during the rainy seasons. There are
different types that you can choose from and it is wise you know their
features. There are two major types of the rain jackets; the rain shell and
the hard shell jackets. Both of the designs have been created for the same
purpose but they differ when it comes to the style and the

  • The rain shell; they come in different fabrics including the two
    layer shells and 2.5 layer shells. The two layer shells are lower in cost and
    simple in design. They come with a mesh lining which give them the waterproof
  • The hardshell; they have been designed with three fabrics which
    make them durable.
  • The soft shell; they are also waterproof and also wind

Choosing the right fit

You need to consider the style of the jacket. Now that you know
the different designs, it will be easier for you to choose the right style.
The price is also an important aspect of consideration because the different
jackets come in different prices. The price range is usually determined by
the different features. The level of activity is also an aspect of

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