High Top Shoes Outfit  Ideas

High Top Shoes Outfit  Ideas

High top shoes were once known to be for gym, mostly basketball players and mostly teens under the age of twelve. Well, with the ever dynamic fashion world, that’s not the case anymore. They are nowadays considered suitable for many occasions, from going casual in the streets to official in workplace. You just need to figure out the occasion and determine if they are best suited for the event. Here are a few fashion tips on how to wear them.

Making statement on the lazy day

Most people like to wear sneakers on their lazy day. The good side of high tops is that they make a statement without going over the top. You can pair them up with jeans and a hood just to add a little kick on your outfit.

Tuck or untuck

It’s all up to you since quite a number of celebs have been seen wearing these shoes with their tucked skinny jeans into the high tops. They as well look amazing with a pair of untucked jeans if you choose to go that way. It doesn’t have to be jeans always, it is possible to pair them with a lot more types of pants, including the harem, capri pants, shorts or miniskirts.

Afraid of channelling the middle schoolers

There’s no need to worry with the high top shoes. So long as they are not paired with neon leggings and a bandana, they just look amazing. Most of the time, they look amazing with any other outfit as long as you keep off the middle school emo vibes.

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