Furilicious Fur Vests

Furilicious Fur Vests

Fur is back n fashion and how!! It is one accessory that grabs eye balls instantaneously. Absolutely stunning and practical too. Especially if it is a vest. It’s a great accessory to make a fashion statement and what’s more it sit sits well on women of all ages without making them look out of place.


It is an extremely versatile accessory and can be teamed with any outfit from the casual jeans to the show stopping LBD. It suits women of all ages be it an old lady of a young thing on the threshold of youth.

Colors and styles

The vests are available in a gamut of color and styles. They are available in black, gray, brown, beige, burgundy, red, white, cream etc, to name a few. The beauty of these is that they can be paired with just about any outfit without looking garish and out of place.

What to team it with?

The fur vest can be worn with any outfit making it stand out among the rest. When teamed with the jeans it lends a classic chic to the otherwise ordinary attire. It has to be worn on a loose fitting top or blouse to complete the look. If you are wearing a black dress, you could accessorize it with a black fur vest or a beige or gray to give it a classic appearance or use a burgundy colored vest to add an attractive splash of color. Team it with a skirt be it a mini skirt, a midi or a full length skirt to make up an alluring ensemble. Team it with anything you feel comfortable with- there is no way that you could go wrong with a fur vest. If anything you’ll be the attractive cynosure of all eyes!!!

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