Shoes Befitting The Field

Football Shoes Befitting The Field

Come football season and the air is thick with tangible excitement. Every person worth his or her salt is tuned in to this all encompassing fever. Small wonder then that every kid on the block aspires to become a footballer. How do they start working towards their dream? Simple, they buy themselves a pair of football shoes!! But, buying a pair is not as simple as that. There are a few things one needs to consider while shopping for a pair of football shoes also known as cleats.

What is so special about them?

The football shoes or cleats have metal or molded studs attached to the soles for added grip while playing. They provide proper hold, footing and swiftness while playing on the field.

How do they help?

The football shoes have studs hammered into the soles. These help the player get proper grip while running on the field, be it slippery or otherwise. Lack of studs hampers movement and might even cause serious injury to the player.

Types of football shoes

The football shoe are designed according to the type of ground or surface used for playing. The football shoes used on soft ground has removable studs while those meant for harder surfaces have studs that are hammered into the soles and cannot be removed.  The football shoes meant for very hard grounds have many, tiny nubs. These provide proper foothold and stability even on hard unnatural surfaces. The football shoes are also made on the basis of the player’s position on the field because each position will require a different skill and movement.

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