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The Hippie Fashion

Enjoy The Hippie Fashion

What is hippie?

It does not matter whether you are going for the party or changing
the style, looking like the hippie is very hard. One of the rules of the
hippie fashion is that the natural is beautiful. The hippie clothes give a
chance to express you. It will express yourself but not be able to enhance
your looks. There are certain suggestions which are to be followed to dress
like the hippie.

Suggestions for hippie fashion

The hippie fashion includes wearing the loose fitting tops. The
loose fitting tops and the natural tops are the best option to wear. Avoid
wearing the tops which are tight and the old and worn tops are the key piece
of hippie fashion. The long sleeved blouses and linen shirts are popular. The
hippie wardrobe is incomplete without the harem pants. It is usually of light
materials and is available in differ colors and patterns. The harem pants and
fun and are the hippie fashion.

The denim shorts are also the type of hippie fashion. You don’t
need to buy the new denim shorts but should try to recycle your old pants.
You can use the scissors and the cut off pants can be used in case of male
but in case of female make use of your old jeans and convert it into the new
shorts. Don’t press your shorts and let it be with the cutting design.
Accessories are the key thing for the hippie fashion. The long beaded
necklaces and the natural stones are popular. You can create your own hippie
jewelry and become creative with it.

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