Coat Different Types

Crombie Coat Different Types

Crombie coats are quite famous for a wide range of options that are offered in terms of the styles of the coats. These types of coats are most suitable to be worn in winters or autumn, where they ensure complete covering and excellent winter protection. These type of coats are quite trendy and are known to go great when dressing formally, and just putting on one of these coats over them. They are quite common with people who enjoy dressing up, checking all the points for formal dressing. Here are the different types of Crombie coats out there.

Covert coats

This type of coats are made from sturdy materials, mostly using synthetic fibers. They get their name as they were used during covert actions, primarily for hunting. The color of choice for these coats give a great camouflage. They are generally heavy but at the same time quite durable.

Retro coats

The retro coats are the type of Crombie coats which give off a great retro style. These coats are known to use bold colors and patterns. They are mostly designed in a way where one is able to see the blend of two different colors. Most of the times, the inner lining is made of a different color and outer fabric is a different one. This type of coats could sometimes involve expensive fabrics like wool or cashmere to give a rich outlook.

Double breasted coats

Probably the most famous among all the types of coats that men use. The double breasted coats are quite common with men of all ages and is known to give a very elegant outlook. This type of coat is also known to include different fabrics, even silk to make the coats.

Pea coats

The pea coats are usually worn for winter and are quite different from the other type of coats mentioned above. They smaller in height and are mostly found in the black shade.

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