The Right Causal Summer Dresses For Your Body Type

Choose The Right Causal Summer Dresses For Your Body Type

One thing that you will notice is that the different dresses have been designed for the different body types. It is therefore crucial for you to understand your body type and also your body size as you are choosing the casual summer dresses. Knowing these two things will help you to choose the right dress for you. It will save you time as you will not try the different dresses.

The different body types

There are different categories of the body types;

  • Hourglass; this is one of the most coveted body types. It is the type of body that adheres to the 8-frame. With this body type, your bust width will be similar to the hip ratio. The waist line is usually very small hence accentuating the hips. With this body type, you should choose dresses that have a defined waistline over the straight or the flowing ones.
  • Pear; the hips are broader while the waist line and the bust part are relatively small. You should wear dresses that accentuate the bust line.
  • Inverted triangle; this is the type of body shape where the upper body is bigger the hips. Women with this body type tend to have a small waistline and hips. The best dress is the tulip dresses that will give you broader hipper.

Other consideration

Since its summer, you need to choose bright colored dresses. You need to also consider the materials that has been used.

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