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For Girls Different Types

Boots For Girls Different Types

Shoes complete one’s style quotient, and if there is one category of shoes which is a must in every girl’s closet, they are the boots. Boots for girls come in different types and styles which could be worn for various occasions. They are primarily made of leather or suede. The leather boots are known to look better with better finish, however, suede sometimes suit certain clothing better than the leather. Let’s have a look at the different types of boots for girls which are a must in every closet.

The Moto boots

These boots cover up to the ankle length and are generally known to have flat in profile. Which means these boots are perfect for those who cannot wear ones with heels. They are primarily worn in winters, but the fact that they cover up to ankle gives one the freedom to try them during autumn and spring weather too. These boots go well with most types of clothing like jeans, skirts, gowns, etc.

The Stiletto boots

These type of boots are similar in construction to the moto boots, except for the flat profile. They include stilettos in the heel, which gives the extra sexy factor to the boots. They are well shaped and if worn with the right kind of clothing increases one’s hot quotient. These type of boots are perfect for a social gathering or for clubbing. However, care must be taken as they are not suitable for long walks.

The Riding boots

The perfect kind of boots for winter to keep themselves warm as well as stylish in winters are the riding boots. These boots cover up to knees and sometimes are known to extend up to thighs. Depending on the variant they may be flat or may include stiletto. These boots are perfect when worn with gown of appropriate length to match the length of the boots.

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