Clothes To Become A Boho Style Chic

Bohemian Clothes To Become A Boho Style Chic

Bohemianism refers to eccentric lifestyle. Free love, frugality and voluntary poverty were the key features of bohemianism. As indicated in the title the word boho chic takes its inspiration from hippie fashion emerged in 1960’s and 1970’s.

Fundamentals of bohemian fashion

On the contrary to skin fitted and revealing outfits bohemian clothes encompass baggy style. Manufactured from organic fibers the loose, comfortable clothing help in moving freely. Long, loose and flowing style attributes to boho chic look.

Becoming a boho chic

If you are interested in presenting yourself as a boho chic go for a right mix of accessories and achieve ultimate look without adopting boring hippie vibe. Although bohemian clothes are long and loose clothing pieces and layering is one of the basics of style but putting on too much layers will ultimately ruin your personality. Petite women look shorter by wearing too much. Maintain the delicate and girlish look by using a combination of loose and fitted garments. If you are wearing a baggy pant or maxi skirt then use sleek tops to balance the look. Conversely using skin fitted jeans with hippi tunics and cardigans will optimize the look. It is an innovative idea to combine your bohemian look with your mini style statement. This will not startle up your personality but also make you unique and distinctive. However be particular about color selection. Keeps your style revolving around black, brown, cream, white and olive green. If these colors make your face dull go for the colors that suit your personality. Wear them near face and incorporate boho colors on far ends of clothing.

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