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  Wedge Heels For Different Places

Black Wedge Heels For Different Places

heel was the creation of Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian designer. Wedge
heels or wedgies are a type of shoe where sole is elevated in the form of
heel. Normally made up of rubber or cork the same material serve for sole as
well as heel. It was the era of 1970’s when wedge shoes were introduced for
men too. However unlike women wedges they had low heels. This fashion revived
back in 2010s.

Wedges for medium height people

If you are a medium height lady and want to incorporate elegance
in your walk then wedge can be your most suitable option. Wedges cater every
age group of women since it does not have sharp heels. Middle-aged and aged
women can also carry wedges flawlessly since it provides sound balance and
stability even on walking on slippery floors.

Black wedge heels

You will be delighted to know that wedges are available in almost
all colors and different styles. You can also have high wedges with thick
soles relatively to low sole wedges. Ankle strapped wedges are also trending
heels in US. Black wedge heels are the extensively demanded wedges because
black is the color that goes well with every environment. You can carry black
wedge heels for your date, prom night, meet ups or even you can walk in
office with a pair of black wedge heels. Formal and informal dressing can be
done with these wedges. Miniskirts to long swapping skirts all goes well with
black wedge heels.

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