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Way To Wear Coat Dress

Best Way To Wear Coat Dress

What is a coat dress?

As the name gives it all away, a coat dress is a costume or a dressing style which combines the designs of both a coat and a dress and sometimes confuses the spectator as to what it is actually. A coat dress has the unparalleled features of both the coat and a dress. It can contain collars with belts and front fasteners. It is made of heavy weight, thick material of a traditional coat and has the shape of a dress. There are vintage coat dresses, wedding coat dresses and rarely, you can even find some styles of coat dresses for men. The Duchess, Kate Middleton is mostly known for wearing elegant coat dress and making them popular. They are now considered very stylish and are worn even on casual occasions as they are single pieced and easy to wear. The right hem length and the right waist makes all the difference in making it a stunning piece and flatters the figure of any woman. A plunging neckline can add to the oomph and charm.

Styles of coat dresses:

  1. A red shaded coat dress can be paired with a matching clutch and subtle cream colored pumps to create a splendid look.
  2. A grey or dark blue blazer styled coat with oversized buttons can be paired with peep-toe boots.
  3. A flared and opened coat dress style can also be used a ladies frock.
  4. A long, double breasted woolen coat dress can also be used as part of your winter ensemble.

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