A Simple Guide To Gold Platform Heels

A Simple Guide To Gold Platform Heels

There is not one lady’s closet that does not have one pair of heels in it. Heels are essential for many purposes. You can’t attend a meeting or go to work in converse. Maybe a dinner party as well! No one can attend a party with sneakers or flip flops. Gold platform heels are just the ticket. They are gorgeous, flattering and best of all look amazing all the time. You can wear them to a party, a dinner party and even to work as long as they do not look to head turning.

The styles there are for gold platform heels are never ending. The list keeps going on and on! You can find these heels partnered with other colors to create a display and allowing you to wear diverse outfits with them. Others have detail like studs or additional snake skin detail on the top. There are also ones that vary with their straps and buckles. Some are strappy with laces and others clasps. You can see on the below images many stylish ones.

The heights vary as well giving you the opportunity to wear as many gold platform heels as you want for whichever occasions there are. Whether it is for date or any casual outing with your girlfriends, you can wear these heels. If you choose a very high heel then you probably are going to attend a highfalutin party with VIPs. However a low heel shows that you are casually dressed and are comfortable. (High heels cause discomfort and back pain).

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