A Crash Course  In 
Islamic Clothing

A Crash Course  In  Islamic Clothing

Many people disregard and misjudge Islamic clothing. They think that whatever Islamic women wear is not trendy and looks very drab. But the reality is very different. Islamic clothing are the same clothing you wear everyday but with coverage and security. With this coverage and security you keep prying eyes off you and you stay comfortable with the proper clothes that fit you. For starters you do not wear revealing clothing like crop tops, booty shorts, mini skirts and see through tops. Those are not at all labeled to be Islamic clothing. Wide leg bottoms are recommended like you can see in the first image.

Another very common and important piece of Islamic clothing is the abaya. People can understand more like a tunic but it flows till your toes. There are so many variations to it and different fashion designs the list is endless. Next comes the hijab. It is important and best of all there are many ways of wearing it. A simple scarf is wrapped around your face to cover your neck and hair. Some ladies opt for a safer option and it is called Niqab (it is not to be mistaken with burqa or ruband). This way of wearing scarf covers everything on your face neck except for your eyes and the bridge of your nose.

In simpler words Islamic clothing is lovely, simple, elegant, covering and ensuring you safety from those who like to ogle. Your body is covered and it is also a plus point for your skin since soe skin types are allergic to extreme sun rays.

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