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Toilettenpapier Rope Holder .. Industriedesign .. Toilette Roll Holder .. Jute Rope Nautical Decor .. Badezimmereinrichtung. Handtuchhalter

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The anchor is similar to robustness. It is the sign of stability, motivation and determination. At a personal pace of your home like bathroom, Anker has a lot of significance to convey. That's why there are so many different things fixed in the bathroom that have the shape of an anchor or the image of an anchor. The decor idea also reflects anchor and creates deep effects. Anchor symbolizes hope and a new beginning. But why are bathrooms especially adorned with this symbol? The explanations vary. Many people say that looking at the anchor early in the morning, when you lay down in the bathtub and relax in soft, bubbling water, gives you hope for the day ahead. You start your day with refreshed mood and hopeful mind. while the other opinion is a bit different. It claims that the anchor is connected to water and sea. Therefore, your bathroom is the best place to decorate with this symbol.

Anchor symbol accessories

You sense that the anchor inspires you to live and have hope for the future. It reminds you of ships that sail in the dangerous waters, but with the sturdy anchors they survive and fulfill their missions. The memory of all the voyages, including the fantastic adventures of the famous Sinbad, makes you sit up and take in the sight of an anchor. Your handwash bottle, toothbrush holder, towel hook and wall decoration with the image of an anchor will refresh your feelings and enthusiasm in the early hours of the morning as you get into shape for a long day at work. It looks beautiful on your towel, bath curtain and wall collage. You can get beautiful anchor symbols embroidered on fabric or painted by bathroom decoration suppliers to accentuate your bathroom.

Anchor decor ideas

You can have plenty of items for your bathroom with anchor symbol. Make your bathroom environment creative by using dowels in different colors, styles and textures. Find a real anchor (not a picture) made of wood or metal and hang it over the door or over the mirror where you can view it frequently. Wall hangings with colorful patterns and pictures of anchors can awaken a new spirit in your bathroom environment. Many other things associated with an anchor, such as a ship, a whale, a rippled sea picture, and colors like sea blue or sand gray, can be used to decorate the walls and other items. Make the anchor stand out and make a bold statement so that when you look at it, you get the clear message of hope and new beginnings in no time at all. Her bathrobe can also carry a nice big picture of Anchor to wrap you in hope.