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Sherry Kline Home Two 96L Country Toile Curtains

Have you ever seen Toile curtains? But they almost certainly did not understand it. Toile curtains A heavy fabric surface on which a picture or cartoon has been painted. Toile Peinte in French means "painted linen". These photos usually show the standard of living on the pastures of France or, in general, the oriental themes. The curtains have a white background with a recurring pattern. They are available along with multicolor prints and with a dark background. But the white background area is the oldest and quite common. They give an area a rich, romantic style and give it a touch of color.

Toile curtains have a very rich history. They started in France in the 16th century. The pattern will not only return to the material, but also to plates, cups, furniture, tablecloths and comforters, just to name a few. My favorite is the blue-and-white pattern with the pastoral motif. It is eye-catching for your home.

Here are some tips to get these curtains:

1] Care - although toile curtains are available in 100% cotton, it is recommended to clean them. The pattern worsens or fades over time as a typical wash cycle is applied. You must line the curtains together as daylight will affect them over time.

2] Decor - Toile curtains go well with various decor designs such as Country, Modern, Classic, etc. They are best combined with a Toile theme. An area containing a few different Toile items to match the curtains can create a stunning look. If you do not need an excessive amount of this pattern in your area, coordinate it with spot colors that match the color of the tile. For example, a blue toile pattern can be used well with blue furniture, pillows, and more.

3] Accessories - Once you have received your curtains, confirm that you are buying only the right accessories such as the frame and tie clips. Unlike different materials, wherever you see the combination and consistency of completely different companies, you need to introduce your Toile accessory for a constant supply, as the pattern can better match.

4] Curtain Usage - If you have decided to buy your Toile Curtains that you simply do not love them in the window, you will use them in different ways. With your curtains you can re-upholster a piece of furniture.

5] Patterns - look at the pattern. Since the Toile Curtain Surface Unit represents an image, the image must be viewed in its entirety to make sense. Once you have received this type of material, you should be ready to see the entire picture at least once. This is often the case where curtains work the easiest. since they are so, it allows the viewer to tell the story.