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Roloff Hand-Tufted Wool Ivory/Dark Gray Area Rug

Bring safari-chic style to your living room or master suite with this hand-tufted wool rug, showcasing a zebra print design in ivory and dark gray.

They definitely do not like the bare appearance of the floor at home and it also does not seem like a good idea to spread a carpet on the floor. They want something that is bold and improves the environment. Under many options you have wool carpets. These bring the right look to your living room or bedroom that you are looking for.

These wool carpets are divided into two main categories: hand-woven and machine-made. Handwoven has a backhand on the other hand. That's why they are available at higher prices, but machine-made carpets are cheaper. If you look at both, you will find that the different designs, colors and sizes are different. And since you're able to find some fancy-looking wool rugs out of machine, you're reaching for it. With their affordability and cool designs, they remain a comfortable option that will not blow your budget.

Rugs with borders look traditional and stylish. They create a certain effect with their boundary lines and therefore distribute them for their compliment effects between the sofas and the center of the room. If you have chosen a colorful rug, keep some nice things in the area. Get cushions in the same vivid colors with floral patterns or plain to add on sofas. You can make curtains or flounces with appealing colors. For top-quality carpets, visit Wayfair or Homedecorators and choose a size and design that will appeal to your home.