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The big dining tables were the trend until just a few years ago. Nowadays, many people prefer small tables as dining tables and coffee tables that are used in their salon. Small tables are becoming increasingly popular due to their portability and flexibility. They are particularly suitable for small spaces such as condominiums and apartments where space is the biggest constraint.

Types of small tables

You can find different models of a small table in the market. The styles, colors and patterns can be selected according to your wishes.

- Round Small Table - This small round table is used in many commercial cafes. They look elegant and stylish. Roundtable is not very attractive because it wastes space and you can not use it on walls. However, reserving an area for your use can be a great option.

- Rectangular dining table - ideal for small families. These are very popular and with the expansion slot and the option to add additional chairs, this could be a better choice for many homeowners.

- Square Table - A flexible option that is preferred by many people. You can place them anywhere to save space.

- Triangle Table - This is the latest style available on the market. The table looks appealing. However, it has the limitation that they can not be used in all places, such as a round table, due to waste of space.


Small tables are most preferred due to their space-saving nature. For small houses, they serve the purpose and also look aesthetically pleasing.