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Minimalist Globe Ceiling Light – 1 Light

Simple, elegant, and just a little quirky, this understated globe semi-flush ceiling light is perfect for cheerful modern spaces. A minimalist cap and canopy in Satin Brass, Old Bronze, or Polished Nickel makes it easy to choose the perfect finish for your space while the simple globe design pairs beautifully with all kinds of decor.

Your ceiling is the most exposed part of any room in your home and it is only appropriate that you decorate it well to make your space attractive, appealing and inviting. One way to achieve this is to choose the right ceiling lights. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing light colors for your ceiling.

Kind of light shadow

There are different types of ceiling screens:

  • Drum Shields - These are cylindrically shaped with top and bottom open. They produce very bright light both above and below.
  • Cone Colors - These are cone-shaped. While normal luminaires illuminate the lower area, inverted luminaires illuminate the ceiling, with the lighting shining back into a room.
  • Pendulum Shades - These are some of the most decorative ceiling screens.
  • Multiple Lampshades - These are lampshades that cover multiple lamps lit by a single source.


It is important to consider the type of material used in the manufacture of ceiling screens, as different materials have different effects on the lighting. Roller blinds in most cases consist, among other things, of fabric, plastic, metal, glass and paper.


Ceiling lights are available with different lights that determine how easy or difficult the installation or replacement is. Such mounts include simple mounts, screw mounts, clip mounts, metal wire mounts, and cable mounts.


One way to decorate your ceiling is to choose bright shades that match the overall style of your rooms. You have the opportunity to choose a color in a modern, classic, new or minimal style.