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London Lounge Chair – Edloe Finch Furniture Co

The London accent chair exudes haute style with a bold gold frame wrapped around the seat’s clean modern lines. Top grain leather, plush cotton and premium foam cushioning is sure to make this a show-stopper in any room of your home.

A chair is an important part of any living room because it acts as a treasure chest in the middle of a dark room. You see, a chair in a living room provides you with a platform to rest in the office after a busy day. Since it is a living room, no chair can be used because it is important to buy the chair that is best for the living room because you do not want a chair out of place. A chair in the living room should enhance the beauty and overall aesthetics of the room. In this article, we will therefore look at the different living room chairs and their use.

Chair and a half:

Best suited for small living or bedroom, as here find several people space and very little space is claimed. Olu can fit and work in any environment.

Wing chair:

The best chair if you want to rest or take a nap. It provides excellent support for the poor.

Occasional chair:

If we refer to it as an extra chair, it will not be wrong, as it is not used on normal days and is only used on special occasions when the seating is insufficient to accommodate the people in the room.


These are just a few of the living room chairs. As you can see, each chair has its unique uses and features.