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Kingsley Bate Southampton Wicker Deep Seating Lounge Chair

The Southampton deep seating lounge chair is an updated version of classic, open-weave wicker furniture. The lounge chair is hand woven using extra large

Wicker furniture is a sweet style in furniture. If you find it in natural form, it is very appealing, comfortable and pure. It takes some extra care and maintenance, but it's well worth the effort. The synthetic wicker furniture is more durable and requires little to no care. For outdoors it can be a great choice as the conditions on your patio are harder and the weather effects are deeper. From a small chair to complete wicker furniture sets, there are now on the market.

The size of your patio and your lifestyle are crucial to choosing a suitable wicker furniture collection for your patio. It is a decision for life; With a little care, you can keep it shiny and perfect for use. If normal dust accumulates outdoors, wash it with clean water and a soft brush. If something dirty sticks to it, use a light detergent to remove it.

Do not expose your outdoor wicker furniture to direct sunlight, especially if it's hotter and sunnier in your region throughout the summer. To increase the comfort of your furniture, you can always put a cushion on the chairs or the sofa.

Bulky and heavy-looking furniture is space-consuming. If you have a small terrace, choose light and delicate wicker furniture. This is easy and you can easily transfer it from one place to another.