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The furniture you set up in your garden has a very different environment than your interior. The environment consists of green plants and not plastered walls. There is plenty of natural light and no light is needed during the day. They have many different colors of nature at different times of the day and year. These factors affect your choice of outdoor patio furniture.

If you have a small pond in your garden, set up the sofa or chairs near the pond. A view of the water surface is particularly soothing when it is slightly windy or water reflects many different colors of the clouds in the sky. Water also makes the environment romantic. That's why sitting with your family or friends on a comfortable sofa or chair next to the body of water is fantastic.

The colors of your sofa cushions and pillows add to the elegance of your garden environment. Choose colors that are pleasant and bright to have a positive influence on your temperament when you sit there. Small garden stools and coffee tables underline the personality of your garden area. These pieces of furniture are an integral part of the overall frame as they become the platform for your few teacups or a magazine or book that you like to read aloud.

Install an umbrella over your garden furniture. This protects you from direct sunlight and unexpected showers. A color matching umbrella is also a good choice for the garden design!