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How to Give an Antique Dresser a Two-Toned Look

Loving the two-toned look? See how I gave this antique dresser a makeover that exposed the raw wood.

It is the furniture that gives the home elegance. If an exquisitely designed home has inferior furniture, it reduces the overall value of the home. When choosing furniture, always remember that antique furniture adds value to your home. However, in their quest to buy antique furniture, people tend to buy in local shops that offer furniture that is not authentic. It takes time and effort to find good antique furniture. One of the ways to tell if the furniture is really antique or not is to check the symmetry. Original antique furniture is not symmetrical, as it was not designed by machines.

You can also check the authenticity by checking the end. Earlier antiques were coated with oil, wax, etc. They also find small stains on the furniture, as they were handmade and the tools used often leave their mark. If you check the wood, you will learn more about the ancient world. Oak furniture is one of the oldest furniture. Walnut, mahogany and others came later. So, if you know the type of wood, you get information that you can judge. Ultimately, the quality of workmanship and the condition of the furniture determine the authenticity. A piece of furniture may be of exceptional quality due to the workmanship of a particular person. It is this individual ability that makes them unique. The older these pieces are, the higher their value. These furniture bring aesthetic appearance with the traditional impression of home. Therefore, you can identify authentic antique furniture with less simple rules.