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How to Choose and Lay a Stair Runner: An Overview

How to choose and ways to lay a stair runner. I share the best carpet styles, pattern considerations, and ways to lay a carpet on stairs.

Stairs are often found in many houses. Most houses have wooden floors and sometimes the stairs can be very slippery with wooden floors. Apart from that, the stairs generally appear empty when other parts of the floor in the house have beautiful contrasting carpets. Here you can decorate your house with staircases, which even the stairs can look beautiful. Apart from that one could avoid the slip factor of these wood or floor coverings by the use of a stair runner. This rug is available in different finishes, depending on the design of the stairs.

Straight runner

Straight Runners are runner carpets that are typically used on straight staircases that have no curves. They can be used for multiple levels where the directions for a staircase change. They could be caught by the bars or nails.


T-runners are perfect for stairs that are split in two different directions. Such a type of runner could be used in large commercial buildings where such a phenomenon is widespread.

double runner

Double runners are the types of stair climbers that are best for stairs that have a U-shaped turn in their direction. This ensures that the direction of the pattern on the runner carpet remains constant in both directions.

Angled / curved runner

This type of runner carpet is most commonly used for stairs that are curved or turn at an angle. This type of runner carpet is somewhat difficult to implement because it requires an adjustment of the runner carpet to the direction and shape of the stairs in a house.