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Home: Brass Bathroom Faucets

Palm Beach lately’s favorite brass faucets

The end of a bathroom tap is as important as the design of the tap. There are a variety of options when it comes to the finish, including chrome, nickel, bronze, brass and many more. These are available in dark and light versions. You can even choose between brushed and polished versions of the bathroom faucets. To make sure you choose the right tone for your bathroom, follow the tips in the following sections.

The biggest trend emerging is the application of old world surfaces to modern faucet designs. You may consider using more than one finish in the same bath. Contrast and dimension can be added with multiple surfaces. For the look it is important to create a harmony between the design and the finish. Champagne bronze and brushed nickel look really great. Neutral surfaces such as stainless steel, nickel and chrome go with everything. These can easily be combined with accessories such as door handles and towel rails. Neutral surfaces also provide a subtle refined look. The most popular and cheapest bathroom finish is the shiny chrome. A warmer tone is offered by nickel.

Brushed metals make it easy to hide bad things. You should definitely opt for a brushed finish if you like it neatly. The muted surface clearly hides the water marks and fingerprints. In addition, these do not reflect like polished surfaces.