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Curtain rods not only play a functional role in your room, but are also part of your interior design. They uniquely enhance the decor of your room to an attractive level. Rods are preferable to the rails, as they not only keep your curtains in place, but also offer a wide selection of curtain headings, including the eyelet and tab top for an elegant look. They also give you the opportunity to use a pencil fold that meets your traditional design needs.

Curtain rods should be chosen in high contrast. When you make your choice, they become eyeliners. They are able to give your room a frame and a depth, but without attracting all the attention. Here are some highlights to help you choose.

Consider the size

Different people have different ideas about the width of the bars. Some prefer the slender bars while others prefer the fat bars. If you prefer the thin rods, you should not take them thinner than 1 inch.

Color of the rods

When you think of the color of the bar, just look at your dark furniture in the room. The curtain rod should harmonize with the color of your furniture. If you have painted furniture in bright, eye-catching colors, consider masts that are bright but match the furniture color. A good mix would be white. If you have grays and lights in the room, you can opt for brushed stainless steel bars.


For the materials there is the option wood and metal. The problem with wooden curtain rods is that they have to be turned occasionally so they do not bend. If you do not have time for such a task, think of metal bars. Stainless steel bars look chic and refined, while the wooden poles are well suited for classic and rustic interiors.