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Forget IKEA — Build your own Folding Desk!

Here’s what you’re working toward. It looks a lot like the IKEA version, if you ask us. Take note: see that pencil line? We drew that once we found the stud in the wall and it was our measure of how high we wanted the desk to be. Just read below, it’ll make sense!

When it comes to lack of space, there is nothing more practical and fantastic than a wall table. It is a choice for all small homes or families who love to organize their lives well while not being stuffed in their little home. Due to the need for this cute little article, manufacturers have flooded the market with innovative designs and styles in many different sizes.

Now you can have a wall table in your room, in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the hallway. On these small tables, which occupy less than half the space of a normal table that is not wall-mounted, you can do a number of things at home.

It is very convenient. If you have something to do, such as painting a picture, drinking a cup of tea, learning with your child. Pick up some important items and use them quite often and much more, which requires your specific lifestyle. Mount a table against the wall and keep it stylish so it does not overshadow the beauty of your home.

The materials used for the wall table are many. There is metal and wood. They also developed materials. Make your choice in accordance with your budget, your table shape, the interior design and your personal taste. Many online shops sell ready-to-install tables in a modern design and style. Search for dozens of designs and styles on eBay to make a selection. Visit IKEA for a more modern collection.