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Floor lamp from old Oak branch on boulder with five pendants including lampshades

Exceptional Floor lamp of curled old Oak branch. This 300 cm high floor lamp is unique in its kind and the Oak branch is a naturally weathered branch that is wind dried in the forest, the color varies from light brown to gray weathered wood shades. The old wood is found with permission

A floor lamp is a great way to add light to your interior and enhance your furniture in a fantastic way. At night, when the dark shadows are more prominent in the corners, the lighting of a torch floor lamp creates elegant effects in the room. You may not realize the beauty of these light and shadow effects, but only when you light a lamp at night.

It's a great idea to complement the ambiance and decor of your living room with a torch floor lamp. Make a selection with a lamp that has strong characteristics and is a product of the highest quality. The base must be heavy so that your lamp will not fall over and be damaged. Your modern interior of the living room depends largely on the lighting. Whether on or off, your lamp must have the power to accent your living room.

Torchiere floor lamp is a timeless choice. One thing to watch out for is that it fits your furniture type. If your furniture is made of carved wood, opt for a stylish designer lamp. The lampshade is the most prominent part of your lamp. By replacing the lampshade you can achieve a good change in your living room.

Setting up more than a pair of Torch Lamps creates a warm atmosphere in your living room. If you bring one or two table lamps in good design that enhance the appearance of your room, you will beautify the entire interior.