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Feng Shui Your Living Room in 10 Steps

Unique feng shui living room southwest for your cozy home

The living room plays an important role when it comes to making a house look big or small. A living room should not be too big or too small. It is enough if it accommodates the members of the family. A reasonably sized living room will allow Chi to enlighten the happiness, prosperity and health of the family by decorating the Feng Shui-style living room. This style is based on the laws of Chinese customs about the positioning of things in a house. By positioning the corresponding furniture in its address element, the elements are activated to give more happiness and chances of success in life.

Floor plan of the Feng Shue living room

The five most important elements mentioned in the Feng Shui style of living are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

The north side is the place for the element of water. The north side of the living room is therefore intended for the water element that represents growth and prosperity. Including certain things activates the energy of that particular element. Hang up a picture of the water, where a calm, meandering stream flows into the room or a waterfall. It is also good to use the images of a boat or a ship, as the ship represents the inflow of possibilities and wealth. Use the colors blue and black for the north side. If you place a fountain or an aquarium with eight red and one black fish, the power of the water element will also be enriched.

The northeast and southwest side is assigned to the element earth. Decorate these directions with earthy colors such as brown, mustard, clay, rust and tan. Use crystals, ceramics, pottery, hand-blown glassware, glasses and candle holders.

The west and northwest sides can be decorated with the colors bronze, gold, gray and blue. Metal picture frames of your family, metal figures, metal bowls and cups, as well as metal furniture can be placed near the walls, as this spatial direction is directed to the metal element.

The south side of the living room is the place where the element fire is activated. Set the fireplace in this direction. Things that are in the colors green, red, orange and pink can be used for decoration. Also wooden furniture along the south wall are recommended.

The east and southeast is for the element wood. Lay earth elements in this direction while feeding wood. Use brown and green colors, living indoor plants, books and bookshelves to decorate this page.

Activate 'chi' Energy

To activate the Chi energy in the Feng Shui living room, lighting is important. Use artificial lighting such as table lamps in natural light. Overhead lighting like a chandelier also serves the purpose better. More than two doors or excessive windows are considered unfavorable as the "chi" energy invades both and both are present. Mostly the living room is the meeting place for the whole family, so it should absorb the feng shui energies to preserve the health, prosperity and future of the family.