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Farmhouse Paint Colors – #colors #Farmhouse #joannagaines #Paint

Farmhouse Paint Colors – #colors #Farmhouse #joannagaines #Paint

Ideas for home painting have evolved enormously over the years. Long ago, it was a tradition to choose a color that was chosen for all the walls and ceilings of the house. Now a single room can have 2 to 3 color variations and wallpapers are not included. And believe me, they look elegant when the colors are combined in an artistic style.

Review the pictures below and admire the beauty of contrast, art and matching colors. For a very bold and warm environment, mix orange with yellow and two opposite walls of a single room. The combinations are bright and lively and usually fit in with the living room. You can invent your own creative combination by combining two light tones, such as sky blue and gray. They create a nerve-calming environment. A striking combination may be maroon with white or red with pink.

It is not just the opposite wall, different color strategy, but you can also create stripes on the walls. Wide vertical or horizontal lines bring an amazing effect on the environment. Surprisingly, you can make the room look wider with these geometric shapes.

Another amazing idea to defy the monotonous appearance of paint on a single wall is the addition of brickwork. especially over the fireplace to the roof. It looks classy and innovative. Choose the color of your masonry carefully so as not to repugnant the combination. Keep the ceilings of the rooms always white or very light, otherwise the room seems to be small or narrow.