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Erstaunliche 54 schöne Traum Schrank Makeover in Ihrem Ankleidezimmer homiku.com

Erstaunliche 54 schöne Traum Schrank Makeover in Ihrem Ankleidezimmer homiku.com – #Ankleidezimmer #Erstaunliche #homikucom #Ihrem

Are you not interested in your new boring wardrobe, but can not start the renovation? Do not fret because you are not alone. It is extremely tedious to put down and reinvent all your clothes and things in your closet, especially if you have a roomy wardrobe. You're in luck if you have a spacious room because you can easily apply the magic of transformation. A spacious wardrobe is often changed easily, as there is still room for changes. For those who have a tiny wardrobe, do not be upset that you can rework the wardrobe with a little of your imagination and a few of those clever ideas:

  1. Install an automatic fluorescent lamp in your cabinet. If you have already checked in hotels, you can imagine what I mean. If you're light in your wardrobe, you can read exactly what's in it. It also looks very elegant if you have your own wardrobe for celebrities.
  2. Paint your wardrobe. Typical cabinets have brown, white, pink, beige and various neutral colors. Why do not you dare to choose a different color? You can use red, green, royal blue, orange forever and something matches your temperament. Pimp up.
  3. If not, glue wallpaper adhesive to the cabinet. If you do not like to paint, you can reinvent the color of your closet by covering it with wallpaper glue. This can not be an easy task as you will need the exact size of your closet so you can tailor the exact size of the wallpaper. This is the simplest makeover for cabinets.
  4. Use hookbars instead of hanging them up. You can mount the poles together in your direction so that you can read your suspended garments completely. Get some concepts, but department stores and boutiques show their lines of garb. Also note which hangers are maltreated to hold the garments. Yes, they are velvet hangers that are treated badly. As a result, they are thin, sturdy and have a velvety texture that ensures that garments can retain their place.
  5. Use vacuum baggage and no storage boxes. You may be shocked by the beautiful free home that you can get by mistreating these House Saver luggage items. Now you no longer have to keep your clothes in the large storage boxes where the device is located. With a dust bag, you can store up to five or more garments in a thin package.
  6. If you have a walk-in closet with doors, do some experiments. Try to replace the door with a curtain. You can either have the door uninstalled or, if the door is a barn, simply open it and attach a rod or cord to the curtain at each end of the cabinet. The stained cloth that can intensify and brighten your space is amazing.