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DIY PORTABLE CLOSET Organizer (PDF Plan) | DIY Creators

There are times when your stay in a house or apartment is short-lived and you can not make long-term investments when it comes to decorating your home. In this situation, the best option for you to select portable items is to make your life comfortable for the time being. This helps you to live in an organized way while not straining your budget. Among the many useful household appliances is a portable cabinet.

Portable wardrobe has many designs and styles to choose from. With and without doors both design options are freely selectable. For a place where you fear damage to your clothes and your shoes in the closet, get yourself a closet with doors. Better are doors with zippers. They completely protect your clothes and shoes from dust and insects.

Storage capacity is very important when buying a cabinet. The more storage space is available, the clearer your room remains. Especially important is a small pocket on the outside. They can be a good storage for your hair care products, such as hair brush and combs. If you have a small child nearby, things are out of his reach and the environment can be kept very safe for him. Check the size and capacity of a portable cabinet before you decide. It should not be smaller, but a bit larger than your needs is a practical choice.