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DIY Lampe: 76 super coole Bastelideen dazu

ausgefallene lampen aus kaffeetassen selber machen

Are you looking for a new modern wardrobe for your clothes and accessories? This is not a bad search, but what about your shabby chic wardrobe? It is still in a great condition and in a wonderful condition? The paint is a little scratched and looks worn, but that's no harm that would affect its effectiveness and usability. Because it is a pure wood product, you will not be able to reduce the value due to some scratched paint stains. It takes a few hours to repaint it and bring it back to its new state. However, this saves you a lot of effort, costs and sudden changes at home.

Shabby Chic wardrobe needs a few options of shades to choose from. They are light pink, white, light gray, creamy and smoky. These umbrellas are suitable for modern living styles as well as furniture and walls. These colors convey a sense of modern lifestyle. Choose one of these shades, empty your closet and, if possible, put it in the garden or on the balcony. Now you have time to thoroughly cleanse and grind it. At the end rub it with a dry towel and it is ready to apply the paint.

Apply 2-3 coats for a smoother and more elegant appearance. After the first coat is completely dry, apply the second and then the third coat. This repainting protects the wood to a high degree from atmospheric moisture and keeps the fabric-destroying moths away. Click here for your Shabby Chic wardrobe - new and loving!