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In the office, everyone needs a comfortable seat to work properly. You spend many hours in the office while you sit, and if you are not sitting in the right position, your body can suffer this loss. To avoid back problems, it is important to have a comfortable office chair.

There are many types of office chairs that can be used in the office. It is not necessary that one type of office chair is the best one. There can be different needs and requirements for each individual. But there are still some things that are very important to look good in a good office chair.

Most office chairs are usually swivel chairs with wheels or adjustable height.

Take a look at some features an office chair should have:

Seat height:

The height of the office chair should be adjustable. A seat height that is 16 to 21 inches above the ground is considered the best. For comfortable sitting and posture, your feet should touch the ground. Therefore, adjust the height of the feet to your height when sitting. The correct size allows the user to keep their feet flat on the floor, with the arms also being held at horizontal height and height of the desk and thighs.


Your back should be quiet otherwise you can cause many problems with the spine. To place your back in a good way, the office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide. The height of the office chair should be high enough to place your entire back area. The chair should be able to support the natural curvature of the spine. If you do not consider this point, you are ready to get many back problems. If the seat of the chair and the backrest are together or form a piece, a locking mechanism should be provided to prevent it from moving.

Seat material:

The material of the seat also assesses the overall comfort of the office chairs. It should have enough padding to sit easily over a longer period of time. For harder surfaces, a breathable fabric seat is preferable and largely acceptable.


While working, you can not always put your arms on the table, so the office chairs must contain arms. They should allow the user to place their arms and shoulders to relax. The forearms and elbows should rest lightly and completely on the shoulder.

Office chair:

The office chairs should be easy to turn so you can move in all directions at the time of the conversation or reach different areas without effort.