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If you are one of those families who have a nice terrace in their houses or want to spend some nice hours in the garden every day, you are sure to want the best outdoor furniture. Coffee is always a favorite of the family and outdoor coffee tables should be a must in your patio furniture. Outdoor coffee tables are available in different versions. These varieties are based on:

  1. material

The material that makes up your coffee table is very important. The best materials for outdoor coffee tables.

  • Wood: wood looks antique and elegant. The best wood species for outdoor use is teak and eucalyptus.
  • Metal: Good Quality Metal is tough, durable and lightweight too. Metal looks modern and is available in refined shapes.
  • Rattan or Willow: This is the most commonly used material for outdoor tables. It is weather resistant and looks stylish.
  1. Seating capacity:

Coffee tables are available for various seating capacities ranging from 2 to 10 people. So you can choose the table according to the size of your family.

  1. Shape:

When choosing an outdoor coffee table, it is very important to consider the shape you choose.

  • Rectangular: Rectangular tables are very famous. They offer more space and look good with long sofas.
  • Circular: Circle coffee table looks best with small sofas and is best for small gatherings and board games.
  • Square: Square tables look just as good as round tables with small sofas or chairs.