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Boho Tribal Shower Curtain In Black/white

Boho Tribal Shower Curtain In Black/white

We all want our bathroom to look perfect, because that's the most personal and private space. The first aspect that pops up when we think of decor is the color scheme. Very few people have the courage to use black as the base color for decorating their bathroom.

Why black?

There are many bright colors to choose from. So why black? For one, black is a bold color for decoration. It not only adds a dark element to the decor, but also makes it look classy. It exudes a calming feeling and compensates for any other color used in the decor. On the practical side, the dirt does not show up easily, which makes maintenance easier.


From an aesthetic point of view, black curtains look elegant and form a strong contrast to the room when used with white floor or white walls. This helps to create a sense of space in the bathroom while maintaining the comfortable privacy of the bathing area. Although it helps to make the bathroom spacious, the bathing area is private and comfortable. The black curtains highlight the other bathroom accessories that are brightly colored. Although it is a dark color, it highlights other dark colors such as red, green, orange, and adds a fun element to the overall decor.


Although black is not a child's paint, it can be used to emphasize the bright and cheerful feel of the kids' bathroom. The black curtain can be decorated with funny prints in green, white, lemon yellow or orange to lighten the decor.