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Beeteinfassung & Terrassenumrandung setzen

Trockenmauer “Siola leicht” als Beeteinfassung

Every homeowner with a patio understands the importance of their outdoors to look glamorous. Paving stones embellish the exterior and make it extraordinary and contemporary. There are many patterns and characters that you can explore to complicate your patio space. The good thing about these stones is that they are thinner compared to typical building blocks, but withstand heavy traffic and weight.

Selection of varieties

Paving stones are available in a variety of options, including style, size, shape, color and finish. This gives a homeowner a wide choice to choose from. There are also styles that look old but classic, while some seem new and refined. Stones are usually smaller and make attractive patterns. Due to their small size compared to other stones, their installation takes a little more time and can cost more. The stones provide a robust appearance that enchants every outdoor area.

What is to be considered?

When choosing the paving stones are certainly so many factors to consider, but the most important are style, climate and color. If you are looking for a rustic look, stones are the best choice. There are several forms that you can also take into account. If you have an outdoor area that is mostly exposed to the sun, stones may not be suitable because they absorb more heat and may contract or expand irregularly. However, they are the best choice for paths that are not exposed to much of the sun or at least in the shade.