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ANEBODA Kleiderschrank – weiß – 81×180 cm

ANEBODA Kleiderschrank IKEA Verstellbare Scharniere stellen sicher, dass die Türen gerade hängen.

Aneboda wardrobes are inevitably among the reasonably priced pieces of furniture that are particularly suitable for people who are looking for a much higher storage space than their natural space allows. The price is indeed one of the main attractions. People who love their robes will have a hard time making a better business. It comes in different sizes, namely small, medium and large. Bulky large furniture made of heavy wood or glasses are often expensive and need a lot of space. Apart from that, such furniture is intended only for people who do not have to move, d. H. Here aneboda finds its essence and its unique selling point.

Easy to assemble

The product has to be mounted. As with modern organizations, customer satisfaction comes first in terms of service. Companies provide a user guide that includes pictorial instructions to help you install the wardrobe. Assembling the Aneboda wardrobe takes only a few hours (depending on your mood, this can take several days or at a time), especially in the light of detailed instructions. It is certainly nothing to lose your sleep over. It's neatly done with minimal effort and offers plenty of storage space.

Flexible and spacious

The space offered can be changed at any time by adding shelves later. There are adjustable hinge systems that allow easy opening and closing. The movable shelves provide space for an additional frame that can be used for shoes or toys, for example. Aneboda Wardrobe is a stylish and chic wardrobe that is available in a range of colors, although white and black seem to be the most popular and most companies offer the wardrobe mainly in these two colors. The design is sleek, sleek, simple and practical, providing plenty of depth so you can hang clothes without having to worry about the angle while being functional. Wheels can be attached to the robe as moving on uneven ground can be difficult.

Aneboda wardrobe is complication free. The product is cheap and widely used. This low price results from the fact that the raw materials used are widespread and not too heavy. This also means that the wardrobe is lightweight and can be worn easily. This is especially useful for people who are constantly changing. The wardrobe is often used to store children's toys. Young couples who buy it at the beginning of their careers pass it on to their children after they opt for larger furniture. Often people are worried when they only hear the word "assembly". As explained above, however, special care is taken to ensure that the process runs smoothly.