Whether you work at home or at work, your desk is the only piece of furniture that stands out. In fact, it is the only piece of furniture that gives the room its entire appearance.

There are certainly a number of factors that you need to consider when shopping for a desk in your office. In addition to factors such as size, material used, color and functionality, the type of desk you choose is very important. This is important because different desks are designed for different professions. Below are just a few types listed.


These desktops are often designed to stay open even on large desktops. They can be mounted on walls or in the middle of the office. They offer very little storage space.

computer tables

Computer desks are widely used in home offices as well as in professional offices. They are designed for PCs and therefore provide sufficient space for CPU and monitor. Some are equipped with storage compartments for computer accessories.

executive office desks

These are the professional office tables. They are designed to have a large desk and several drawers for storage. They are available as rectangular individual tables and as office suite tables.

credenza desks

These are 2-in-1 desks with desks and dresser. Although traditionally designed for use in dining halls, they are slowly finding their way into both private and professional offices.


These types of office desks are designed for use in offices with limited space. They are especially useful if you need enough legroom.


These are some of the most common desks in professional offices. They are often equipped with hinged storage compartments on the desk.

No matter what kind of desk fits your office, it's important to consider the desktop surface. You have the choice between wood, glass, metal or laminate.