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When you return home, tired and tired from work, the first thing that attracts your attention is the pillow-like comfort of this beautiful sofa, and you just sink in it. Ahhhh !!! What luck !!! Careful selection of the right sofa and pillows has paid off. So .. how do you choose the pillows?

The chic pillows

A variety of designs and fabrics are used. Before purchasing cushions, it is helpful to determine the type of cushions you need. Do you need a cushion or a throw pillow, a backrest or a headrest? Choose the dimensions as required. Many chic pillow fabric designs are available. They range from silk to plastic. The pillows can have embroidered or plain covers that are even decorated with tassels and ruffles. It's your decision. Choose the right design for you. Just make sure it fits the decor and upholstery of your furniture.

The numbers game

The question that often plagues us is how many pillows are the right number for the decor. The answer - as many as you want. The more the better, that does not mean that you overfill the sofa with pillows. Again, you can use a range of contrasting colors to give the room a vibrant feel. Cushions lying in groups on the sofa or lying casually on the floor exude a delicious charm and grace.