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100+ Perfect Modern Living Room Decor Ideas And Remodel

Modern living room ideas depend on the available space in the house. If the house is spacious and there is a family room, a modern living room is used as a lounge to relax and entertain friends and guests. Here you can also watch TV, play games and spend time with your family. When designing a modern living room, it is best to decide whether it is a formal ambience or a reserved ambience. The basic needs of the living room should be a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a fireplace. For sofas and stools it is best to use neutral colors. The colors of curtains and rugs should also be neutral for a more formal look. A beautiful chandelier can be placed over the head with a decorative table lamp on the side table for reading.

What should the modern living room be used for?

The modern living room is the place to host and entertain guests and friends. As this is the place to have a drink with friends, a bar cart, formal furniture and a mantelpiece with fireplace are ideal. A coffee table with a vase can also be part of the living room.

Living room for entertainment with friends

The living room can be the space for entertainment, especially when small parties take place for friends. It can have the beautiful open view when the lights are on and the curtains are open to watch the sunset.